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Kreuzspitze are Skialper

Kreuzspitze are skialper

On the number 127 Note Skialper magazine in December 2019 found a nice article from the pen of Veronica Balocco with photographs of Alice Russolo
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Omnimec the courier of Trentino

Transfer of production site to Ex Malerba, from the Corriere del Trentino

On the Corriere del Trentino, the journalist tells the story of the change of production site in Kreuzspitze from the BIC in Borgo Valsugana to the former Malerba di Castelnuovo.
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Kreuzspitze su Adige

The attacks that Japan likes

Innovation continues in Castelnuovo, after the transfer of the production site the work proceeds at full speed, click here to read the article.
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Omnijig and ISPO Monaco

New ski machine presentation in Munich

After the relocation of the production site, Omnimec will present at the ISPO fair in Munich the brand new computerized machine for drilling skis for the
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Trentino article 4-2-2017

From the BIC of Borgo Valsugana to the industrial redevelopment of the Malerba site

From the BIC of Borgo Valsugana to the industrial redevelopment of the Malerba site for the establishment of the company Omnimec Srl, owner of the Kreuzspitze brand. Click here to read the article
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Gente d'impresa L'Adige Mag 2014

From a shared passion for global company

Il noto quotidiano locale l’Adige ha pubblicato sulla pagina di economia un esauriente articolo sulla storia di Kreuzspitze, click here to read the entire writing.
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Prova Skistopper Skialper

Test on the ski-alper field of the Kreuzspitze skistopper

La celebre rivista del settore ha pubblicato sul n.86 di dicembre 2012 la prova sul campo del innovativo skistopper Kreuzspitze. The tool is liked and has
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Kreuzspitze wins the Artisan award 2012

Kreuzspitze vince il premio Artigiano 2012

Sabato 20 ottobre 2012 the final award ceremony for the Prize was held in the presence of local authorities and numerous Trentino artisans
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Kreuzspitze on Corriere del Trentino 14-10-2012

Attacchi Kreuzspitze: La ricerca trentina conquista i mercati

In questa intervista pubblicata sul Corriere del Trentino di Domenica 14/10/2012 Alessio tells how the Kreuzspitze company is evolving and how it is
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Kreuzspitze su l'Adige 27-04-2012

SUPER SKI-STOPPER: l’ora del mercato

SUPER SKI-STOPPER: l’ora del mercato: with this title begins the interview published in the chronicle of Valsugana with the two members of the Kreuzspitze who with pride and satisfaction
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Kreuzspitze su Trentino in blu

Alessio describes the origins of radio blue Kreuzspitze Trentino

Alessio was a guest of radio Trentino in Blu who interviewed him to learn more about the birth, growth and evolution of the Kreuzspitze brand
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Kreuzspitze su ski rando magazine

Kreuzspitze arrives on French magazine Ski Rando Magazine

Even French mountaineers are looking with interest to the Italian products, it is therefore with satisfaction that we sent our bindings to be tested and reviewed
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Kreuzspitze on Trentino

If mountaineering becomes a business

Mountaineering becomes a business according to the journalist of the economic page of the Trentino newspaper, the adventure of the two partners Alessio and Bruno is also bearing fruit
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Kreuzspitze in pp on Vita Trentina

Kreuzspitze headlines on Vita Trentina!

The entrepreneurial idea of ​​two young people from Valsugana who combined their professionalism with their sporting passion has created a growing business also from
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kreuzspitze su outdoor magazine

Outdoor magazine anno 5

Here is the test from OUTDOOR MAGAZINE, a well-known magazine dedicated to insiders that presents their impressions of the Kreuzspitze model in this article
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Test sci Trail Skialper 76

Test sci Kreuzspitze Trail Ski-alper

This article containing the test conducted by the competent technicians of the Ski-alper magazine who have tried our complete race set or the Trail ski
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Great descent

An exhibition to tell the birth and evolution of modern skiing in Ampezzo and therefore on the Alps: the men, the challenges, emotion, the style and the
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Kreuzspitze Adige 17-09-2010

The passion becomes a business

The passion becomes a business, with this apt title opens the article by the journalist Massimo Dalledonne who interviewed Alessio and Bruno to understand how
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Kreuzspitze Snow Crab Manual su Ski-alper

Article concerning the test conducted by the valid technicians of the Ski-alper magazine who have tried our model with manual locking. Click here to see
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