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Welcome to Kreuzspitze Official

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The Kreuzspitze brand was created in
2009 in the heart of the Lagorai, considered
from the many ski mountaineering lovers
an ideal place for the practice of this
great sport. From our passion
sport and thanks to the candidate's professional qualifications
in years of work in the field of
precision mechanics, derives continuous
research and development of products
ski mountaineering increasingly innovative,
performance and reliability, with one eye
of regard for design.
All our products are designed
with the most sophisticated design methods and
3D calculation, and then produced using
materials of the latest generation ultra light
and resistant, with modern machinery
and advanced production methods,
entirely in Italy.

Kreuzspitze products 23-24

Searching a perfect engagement!

In the continuous optical Improve work and improvement of our products, we have developed new toes with PFE the innovative system for attaching and detaching (Precision-Fast-Easy) which guarantees an accurate coupling, quickly and easily with any boot model. Even the release operation is extremely easy and immediate with the minimum pressure of the lever.

Kreuzspitze PFE system
Scatola Kreuzspitze_GT2.0


All Kreuzspitze products are manufactured with the utmost care and with a high quality standard, checked and tested one by one before packaging and have a guarantee of two years from the date of purchase.

As a manufacturer we are able to provide specific and quick service with original spare parts available in stock, on any product of our current catalog and past;


Welcome Kreuzspitze Care Assistance

KREUZSPITZE Care Assistance offers, in case of difficulty or problem, a prompt response and accurate. But most of all, in line with the philosophy KREUZSPITZE, It saves you time! Thanks to this service, you can choose the kind of help that you like, among those specified below. Write us an email or call us on the phone or desired went at our service center KREUZSPITZE Care Assistance telephone appointment.


Laboratory support:
Via Broletti 12/1
38050 Castelnuovo (TN)

First aid

For support requests please contact us at +39 0461751143 or by mail to: